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New Feature: Support for Tables in posts

PostPosted: February 4th, 2022, 5:21 pm
by elneilios
Hello everyone,

After seeing Mark's brilliant list of "Where are they now?" players in the Former U's Forum it got me to thinking about giving him and everyone else a way to create tables in posts. So this is what I've come up with. It might end up a bit confusing but figured I'd put it out there and see if it's useful to anyone.

Basically you need a
Code: Select all
to start and end the table, then a
Code: Select all
for each row and a
Code: Select all
for each cell in a row.

Here is a small example of usage:

Code: Select all
   [tr][td][b]Name[/b][/td] [td][b]Club[/b][/td] [td][b]League[/b][/td] [td][b]Apps[/b][/td] [td][b]Goals[/b][/td] [td][b]Year[/b][/td] [td][b]Loan[/b][/td][/tr]

   [tr][td]John White[/td][td]Southend Utd[/td][td]NL[/td][td]255[/td][td]0[/td][td]2013[/td][td]-[/td][/tr]
   [tr][td]Sam Walker[/td][td]Kilmarnock[/td][td]SCO[/td][td]213[/td][td]0[/td][td]2018[/td][td]-[/td][/tr]

Name Club League Apps Goals Year Loan
John White Southend Utd NL 255 0 2013 -
Sam Walker Kilmarnock SCO 213 0 2018 -